Future Entrepreneurs

FiveStar has foundations in place for the RiseUp Hospitality division by the conference logistics business itself. Retreats for candidates are already in place. 

Currently, all funding comes directly from revenue generated from the existing core business of FiveStar Hospitality. 

We desire to take RiseUp Hospitality to the next level by hiring additional staff members (business consultants, web design, accounting, etc.) whose services will be necessary to assist women entrepreneurs once their business plans are completed. 

Ultimately, there will be a network of other businesses that have a similar desire to help other women launch their own dreams.  The same model used within FiveStar Hospitality will be used because it works!  

Teresa explained how the vision for RiseUp Hospitality had already been in place over the years.  She knew it was a calling in her life because others’ have come to her seeking advice and encouragement in how to launch their own dreams. 

A portion of future funding will be distributed to new entrepreneurs which is necessary for business future start-ups, paying the necessary partner/professionals that will ensure business is conducted from the very beginning with ethics and quality, and at a few designated conferences where all business partners and new start-ups are recognized with a scholarship being awarded to the new entrepreneur of the year, which is voted on by the professional RiseUp Hospitality business partners. Everyone wins again!

Future Plans

We plan to carry this current and progressively expanding concept into the future visions for RiseUp Hospitality and Mission Hospitality. Both will be under the he auspices of FiveStar Hospitality. 

The focus will always be on seeing growth in all partners and new entrepreneurs. This will result in an end of year conference for the women’s entrepreneur division; all of which will result in bigger strides and impacts towards everyone’s goals. 

Ultimately, we aspire to see a select group of individuals lead hospitality teams who are willing to travel into third world countries and bring hope to individuals and families stricken with poverty, disease, and disadvantages that can only be imagined by Americans. While the canvas and cultures present with a vast array of challenges in starting businesses, the principals are the same. People from all over the world have unique gifts and talents, but they lack the necessary finances, education, and tools to launch a business. 

She knows there is an army of relationships who have the same vision in helping others. This collaboration of trust will walk alongside her with this trust. This army of partnerships is confident in knowing that together, they will WIN and that the dreams of others’ are already coming alive!