Future Entrepreneurs

FiveStar has foundations in place for the RiseUp Hospitality division by the conference logistics business itself. Retreats for candidates are already in place. 

Currently, all funding comes directly from revenue generated from the existing core business of FiveStar Hospitality. 

We desire to take RiseUp Hospitality to the next level by hiring additional staff members (business consultants, web design, accounting, etc.) whose services will be necessary to assist women entrepreneurs once their business plans are completed. 

Ultimately, there will be a network of other businesses that have a similar desire to help other women launch their own dreams.  The same model used within FiveStar Hospitality will be used because it works! 

Teresa explained how the vision for RiseUp Hospitality had already been in place over the years.  She knew it was a calling in her life because others’ have come to her seeking advice and encouragement in how to launch their own dreams.