Going Local For a 2014 Top Performer Incentive Group
held in Cancun, Mexico

While on site in Cancun, the FiveStar professional team learned there would be a wedding proposal taking place during the conference. Our staff moved quickly to contract a local restaurant in the area to assist us in creating an unforgettable experience. We coordinated this extended celebration to take place in a local top venue with Hispanic music and food within one of the cities most prestigious golf courses. Per our request, the kitchen staff assisted us by delivering the engagement ring atop the dessert. They even went as far as to help video the proposal so our staff could take additional photographs.  It was a remarkable collaboration that will be cherished by the couple for years to come.

For the General Session, FiveStar Hospitality hired a local florist to bring in exotic flowers grown and indigenous to the geographic area to experientially integrate, and invite, the local culture into the meeting.

(FiveStar has been using local florists for several years to bring the geographical flavor to our events. When we source local vendors we have been able to arrange the pieces on site without the wear and tear of transportation.  For our floral display in New Orleans, we used a local event production company for renting out props depicting old-world New Orleans. These centerpieces were later broken down into takeaway gifts.

Recently, in Irvine, California, we worked to create a scene showing off the splendor of dessert blooms. To best depict our vision we used local vendors who have knowledge of the floral landscape. To the events splendor, our centerpieces evolved daily until they were in full “bloom” for our awards banquet.)

*FiveStar Hospitality believes in sowing and reaping; therefore, we return 10% of our profit to most faith based and non-profit organization’s of the chosen local venue.