RiseUp Hospitality

Where Your Dream Takes Center Stage

The ‘RiseUp Hospitality’ division of FiveStar Hospitality was created in 2017 to help women see their own dreams become reality by equipping them to become successful entrepreneurs themselves.

FiveStar is expanding to include RiseUp Hospitality, a new endeavor to help women rise up into their own dreams and within their industry of interest, product or service to become successful entrepreneurs.

Have you ever heard the phrase, ‘thinking of starting a business’? Therein lies the problem; too many women are stuck in the ‘thinking’ phase. Many women believe one or more of the following reasons hinder them from taking the leap: they are unsure of which idea to pursue, lack of adequate finances, time or leadership skills, lack of education or business training. 

FiveStar Hospitality has built collaborations with a network of other women owned businesses who can offer help in any of the areas listed above and more because of the relationships the company has spent years in building.

The RiseUp Hospitality division purposes to be a bridge over any cultural, educational and financial barriers for women who desire to become entrepreneurs and essentially help other woman begin building upon their own dreams and talents.  We are excited to be a part of awakening the entrepreneur within women by helping them think through what skill, service or product they can offer if not already identified, then help them take the first step; and, to provide services and tools which will help get them launched into a dream, or calling, which has been dormant because they simply have not had the tools or relationships to help them.

According to the National Association of Women Business Owners, 31% of businesses in the United States during 2015 were owned by women; however, CNBC.com ran a segment in February of this year titled, “Why women entrepreneurs will be a force to reckon with in 2017.” RiseUp Hospitality wants to be a part of this season, ushering in women of influence who can share their gifts and talents as a team locally and globally while utilizing all the latest social technology and trends. 

In a recent interview with Teresa Guastella who founded FiveStar Hospitality Performance, Inc. in 2004 explained the value of relationships as being the number one reason she has experienced success in building her own business.  She explained, by authentically focusing on the goals of others, she values their needs; and thus, retains and maintains a relationship of trust. She explained how she strives to know what drives her clients. What are they passionate about? What additional information do they need to accomplish their goals? Teresa explained how she uses this same approach with regards to her current employees, mentees, business partners and vendors for every aspect of conducting business with FiveStar Hospitality. The importance in having mutual ongoing relationships with her preferred vendors, she meets with them semi-annually to specifically discuss mutual growth and goal potential beyond the current partnership. She explained how her business seeks out the best of the best in all areas of her client’s needs; everything from the place of venue, speaker support, transportation services, teambuilding, conference messaging production and branding, entertainment, and more.

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We believe in Giving Back

In addition to establishing the new division, RiseUp Hospitality under the auspices of FiveStar Hospitality, Teresa and her staff believes in giving back to their local communities and to the people in it. The next division which is already in the planning stages will be Mission Hospitality which will include hospitality teams who will help to serve and partner with missionaries and caretakers who dedicate their lives in pouring their time and love into others. Teresa also explained how she has a passion for helping to create environments that provide solidarity and peace through nature’s beauty; hence, Hope Reigns in the Garden exists to share hope and love by providing a peaceful outdoor setting with those who are in the process of healing and restoration during or after loss or trauma. Hope Reigns projects have included; but, are not limited to, New Beginnings of Central Florida and Oasis of Hope where partners are also encouraged to participate in.

According to an event-planning article in thebalance.com, dated March 5, 2017, more than $122 billion is spent in the U.S. alone on business meetings. Events such as conferences, appreciation or team building retreats, product launches and more are held for both large and small corporations worldwide.  Five Star Hospitality Performance brings many talents together from a diversity of people, places, and resources to coordinate business events, all of who are experts in their field of products and services. In doing so, they create an amazing environment far beyond the efforts of any one individual business endeavor. But the real difference lies in the heart of Five Star. Most competitors are centered around the customer, and while this is important, we are concerned about all the relationships involved and the success of those we partner with by going above and beyond by focusing on the bigger picture beyond the event. Which businesses drive demand for the other businesses? How does this organization’s passion connect with that one’s passion? What additional service or product does this partner have that will help that partner reach their goals? We are strategic in our negotiations, placements and collaborative efforts in that we all foster future business partnerships amongst each other. Everyone wins!

How did it all begin?

Teresa began her career in hospitality during the early 1990s. She went from Sales Manager to Regional Sales Manager to an Executive within Hilton as a Director of Sales (managing a team of 7).  She explained that her professional growth came forth because she had a Vice President who believed in her. This is where she began to learn the importance in embracing mentorship.  She had two mentors over the years before launching her own business. They helped to equip her, encourage her and even allowed her to make mistakes as long as there was a good lesson to learn in the outcome. Because of this, her experience came from employment and promotions within Marriott, then with Hilton Worldwide Corporation and ultimately starting her own business.

She explained how she made the decision to resign during a season in life that required total devotion to family matters. Some clients she had built strong rapport and relationships with asked her if she would still be willing to do freelance work with them in the future.  She expressed that she is blessed to still have the opportunities to work with some of these clients today.  With the ability to choose when she could give her time for helping businesses after leaving Hilton, she was inspired to become an official entrepreneur in 2004. The mentorship she received coupled with the experience and training as a leader and director of sales and marketing teams helped to equip her with knowledge and confidence in what she had to offer. 

Teresa reflects that her greatest achievements and awards were because of her teams. She stated, “No one person and no number of awards will ‘get you there’. How you go about attaining success depends upon how well you help the people you are working with to accomplish their goals as well.” 

To further illustrate the depth of her relationships, her most recently hired employee came through a referral from her very first client back in 2004. Teresa’s slogan for Five Star Hospitality Performance is titled, “Where Your Organization Takes Center Stage” and those who know her know what this means because for RiseUp Hospitality it will be “Where Your Dream Takes Center Stage”. 

In her own words she explained with enthusiasm “Everyone Wins!”

“No one person and no number of awards will ‘get you there’. How you go about attaining success depends upon how well you help the people you are working with to accomplish their goals as well.”